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VortexMix Nano™ Electric Pre-Workout Mixer


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"This is the perfect companion to the VortexMix™ Electric Protein Mixer if you're serious about going to the Gym. Simply keep 400ml water in the mixer and just add your powder whenever you're ready to drink it. The Vortex effect from the mixer paddles ensures a smooth pre-workout drink. You can even use clear protein isolates with this as they don't require the full power and size of the original VortexMix™ to mix unlike Whey"

Sarah - EliteFlare Product Tester


Transform Your Pre-Workout Routine


VortexMix™ Nano revolutionizes pre-workout drink preparation for gym-goers. This advanced electric mixer ensures perfectly blended, lump-free drinks, enhancing efficiency and eliminating the struggle with unevenly mixed powders. Its powerful technology offers a hassle-free experience, so you'll never deal with lumpy drinks again.



Feature Icon PERFECTLY BLENDED DRINKS: Enjoy smooth, lump-free pre-workout drinks every time. The advanced mixing technology ensures even consistency, enhancing your pre-workout experience.

Feature Icon EFFORTLESS PREPARATION: Save time and effort with quick, easy mixing. No more shaking or manual stirring, just press a button for a perfectly blended drink.

Feature Icon ENHANCED WORKOUT PERFORMANCE: Start your workout right with well-mixed supplements. Consistent preparation means better absorption and improved performance at the gym.



Say goodbye to lumpy drinks, wasted time, & inconsistent mixes and say hello to perfectly blended pre-workout drinks. Discover the difference VortexMix™ Nano makes in your gym routine, making preparation easier than ever before.

The Ideal Companion to VortexMix™
Pair the VortexMix Nano™ with the original VortexMix™ for a comprehensive solution to all your mixing needs. Use VortexMix™ for your post-workout protein shakes and VortexMix Nano™ for your pre-workout drinks. Together, they ensure smooth, lump-free drinks throughout your fitness journey, enhancing both your pre- and post-workout nutrition.



Remove the frustration & say goodbye to lumpy pre-workout drinks! Order VortexMix™ Nano NOW and enjoy perfectly blended drinks every time. Take the first step towards a smoother gym experience today!

2x SonicSafe™ for $29.95 was $39.95
3x SonicSafe™ for $37.95 was $47.95
4x SonicSafe™ for $47.95 was $57.95  Plus 1x EXTRA SonicSafe™ COMPLETELY FREE!


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  • VortexMix™ Electric Protein Mixer


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Product Specifications:

Capacity: 350ml (12oz)

Dimensions: 4.33"W x 7.09"H (110mm W x 180mm H)

Weight: 333g (11.75 oz)

Material: Tritan (BPA-free)

Battery: Rechargeable, 60-minute runtime

Motor Speed: 7000rpm

Package Contents:

1x VortexMix Nano™ Electric Pre-Workout Mixer, 1x USB Charging Cable, 1x User Manual.

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