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DMCC Compliance Policy

EliteFlare Transparency Promise: 

Proactive Adoption of DMCC Bill Standards:

EliteFlare recognises the importance of the DMCC Bill (Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers) although it is not yet law. 

This bill is initially aimed at major retailers with substantial turnovers ($25b for international businesses, £1b for UK businesses) yet we choose to adopt its standards voluntarily. Our commitment goes beyond compliance & we understand these practices set a benchmark for ethical business conduct, enhancing customer trust and satisfaction, regardless of our company's size or turnover.

In-depth Approach to Authentic Customer Reviews:

Our policy prohibits the fabrication or manipulation of customer reviews. We understand the critical role authentic reviews play in building customer trust. We meticulously monitor and verify the source of each review to ensure it reflects genuine customer experiences, without influence from internal or external parties.EliteFlare's platform safeguards against imported reviews from other marketplaces, ensuring that our social proof is based on real interactions and purchases on our platform.

Comprehensive Ethical Sales and Marketing Practices:

Detailed Enforcement of No False Time-Sensitive Selling Tactics: We meticulously monitor our marketing campaigns to ensure that any time-sensitive offers are genuine and not misleading. This includes a thorough review process for promotional content that suggests urgency or limited availability.

Transparent Free Shipping Policies: 

We communicate our shipping policies clearly with no hidden fees. Any deviation from our standard free shipping offers, for special events or promotions, will be explicitly stated and genuinely reflective of the offer.

Rigorous Application of 'Compare at' Prices: 

We employ a strict verification process to ensure that any 'compare at' pricing is based on factual, historical pricing data. This practice is intended to provide customers with a true comparative value, reflecting genuine price reductions.

Expanded No Pressure Selling Commitment:

We foster an online environment that respects customer autonomy and decision-making. Our sales approach is centered on providing comprehensive product information and support, without exerting undue influence on our customers. Regular training and monitoring are in place for our sales and customer service teams to ensure adherence to these principles, creating a respectful and pressure-free shopping experience.

EliteFlare’s adoption of these detailed practices underlines our resolve to lead in ethical business conduct, enhancing the shopping experience for our customers and setting a standard in the industry.

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